adminink 19 Jul, 2019

INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week (Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics)

Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics Campaign 2018 So Sorry by   The Campaign SoSorry’ is India’s first ever politoon series. It is an initiative by India Today Group that lays exclusive focus on the most trending & controversial news from all over India. Beginning in the year 2013-14, cutting edge animated political […]

adminink 14 Jul, 2019

Sociowash bags the ‘Marketing Agency of the Year’ award, Rubeena Singh wins the ‘Marketing Influencer of the Year’ at mCube 2019

Other major winners at the Masters of Modern Marketing (mCube) awards and conference hosted by Inkspell Media were iProspect (Marketing Enterprise of the Year), Alcohowl (Marketing Startup of the Year), and Amlan Pati from Oppo India (Marketer of the Year). Marketing, in today’s day and age, has evolved into a multi-dimensional discipline and profession especially […]

adminink 11 Jul, 2019

INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week (Best B-2-B Marketing Campaign)

Best B-2-B Marketing Campaign 2018 News18 Network Leadership Campaign     The Campaign   Over the past 2 years, all their iconic brands such as CNN-IBN, IBN7, IBN-Lokmat and ETV News Network have consolidated its brand identity under the News18 umbrella and have become part of News18 Network. News18 Network is now No.1 in India with a massive […]

adminink 7 Jul, 2019

INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week (Best Multi-Channel Campaign for a Media/Entertainment enterprise

Best Multi-Channel Campaign for a Media/Entertainment enterprise 2018 Star Gold Select HD by DViO Digital    The Campaign Star Gold Select’s key product offerings:   ⦁Show-cases every movie on the channel with just 1 interval instead of the category norm of having multiple ads breaks during the movie.⦁Showcases a new premiere every week.⦁Showcases movies with strong story-lines. […]

adminink 28 Jun, 2019

INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week (Best Content in a PR Campaign, Online/Offline 2018)

Best Content in a PR Campaign 2018 Paisa bazaar – Making India Credit Aware The Campaign, India’s largest marketplace for lending products runs India’s biggest credit awareness initiative by offering consumers free credit report (in partnership with Experian & CIBIL) with monthly updates for life. In 18 months, has generated 4.9 million credit reports […]

adminink 14 Jun, 2019

ShowBox – Apna Music, Apna Swag! IN10 Media set to launch youth-centric music channel

New Delhi, 14th June 2019: IN10 Media, a network with diverse offerings in the media and entertainment sector, including brands like EPIC TV, EPIC On, Juggernaut Productions, and DocuBay, will soon be launching a music channel – ShowBox – a one-stop destination for music lovers, and musical entertainment. In a stagnant playing field where music […]

adminink 13 Jun, 2019

Marketing is now tech-driven but experience-focused, and Inkspell Media shall award the champions of engagement at mCube 2019

Masters of Modern Marketing (mCube) Awards & Conference is an eclectic concept that acknowledges exemplary work done by enterprises, agencies, and professionals in the advertising and marketing domain while providing a platform where leaders discuss critical aspects of the industry. The emerging focus on customer-experience is driving innovations in the marketplace, and technological transformation is […]

Factors that may impact India’s macroeconomic indicators in 2019

Boosting India’s economic growth through policy measures is a debate that is revived every year in the form of speculations around policy matters, and market predictions that culminate into a national annual custom that we formally call the ‘Budget Announcement’. In the last few years, the influx of digital infrastructure has made the announcements even […]

Game-changers of the Gaming industry: Future of Gaming

The global gaming market has erupted, and India has emerged as one of the leading nations in terms of opportunities and scope of growth of the gaming industry. Game developers, publishers, and marketers are leveraging this phenomenon to come out with unique concepts including eSports, fantasy leagues, multiplayer social gaming, etc. that not only engage […]

GDPR and Blockchain: Managing implications and impact

Overview The European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to the personal information of any natural person regardless of nationality of residence within the territory of EU. GDPR has enshrined upon the data subjects with a series of rights enabling individuals to have a better control over their personal information in relation to […]

Leveraging technological advancements and managing disruption: Insights into India’s manufacturing industry

The invention of the wheel paved way for humans to discover how they could use the principles of physics to make life easier. Subsequently, hundreds of years later in the eighteenth century, water and steam started powering machines leading to the dawn of the first industrial revolution. Today, more than centuries later, technology has again […]

Privacy concerns and safeguards in a world driven by smart devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of interconnected devices through the existing internet infrastructure which allows them to collect and exchange data. The said interconnectivity enables the data captured by the devices to be transformed into insights vis-a-vis a user’s behavior and the usage of the said devices.  IoT is a complex ecosystem […]