Marketing is now tech-driven but experience-focused, and Inkspell Media shall award the champions of engagement at mCube 2019
Inkspell Media 13 Jun, 2019

Marketing is now tech-driven but experience-focused, and Inkspell Media shall award the champions of engagement at mCube 2019

Masters of Modern Marketing (mCube) Awards & Conference is an eclectic concept that acknowledges exemplary work done by enterprises, agencies, and professionals in the advertising and marketing domain while providing a platform where leaders discuss critical aspects of the industry.

The emerging focus on customer-experience is driving innovations in the marketplace, and technological transformation is facilitating the overall engagement process for the modern marketer. The times are changing as the entire marketing fraternity prepares for the huge paradigm shift. Technology is being leveraged to furnish unparalleled experiences to the consumers, thereby enhancing brand recall and relatability. Disruptive models and approaches pertaining to branding and promotions are surfacing, leading the way for a synergizing business ecosystem.

Today, marketing professionals are required to be cognizant of advancing technologies, be aware of global and local practices, understand the dynamic consumer behavior and preferences, monitor media reach and influence, and manifest their thoughts creatively – all this at all points in time.

A marketer transforms ideas into beliefs, concepts into trends, and businesses into brands. Therefore, it becomes important to encourage the brands’ real heroes who have immensely contributed to the development of the marketing industry for the benefit of advertisers as well as consumers. It is with this view that Inkspell Media is organizing the third annual Masters of Modern Marketing Conference and Awards on 12 July 2019 in Mumbai. Popularly known as mCube Awards, this event provides a unique platform for enterprises, agencies and professionals to discuss the key trends, opportunities and challenges of the marketing industry in India while also rewarding outstanding work in the advertising domain.

A mix of veteran industry professionals comprises the Jury panel which assesses the marketing cases studies coming in as nominations to decide the ultimate winners of the coveted title. Besides, a congress of eminent leaders hailing from diverse professional backgrounds comes together to talk about the remarkable campaigns of recent times while also discussing the best practices and the future of marketing. These sessions are conducted in several formats including keynote addresses, fireside chats, and panel sessions.

The Partners for the mCube 2019 are Showbox, ED Times, UFO Moviez, India Today Group, Nyoooz, Orange Videos, CollegeDunia, Eleenbiz, and Kenscio.

The nominations for the Masters of Modern Marketing Awards 2019 are open until 14 June, and entries can be made on the website:

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