Inkspell Marketers’ Alert by Dr. Smitha Ranganathan
Inkspell Media 5 Mar, 2018

Inkspell Marketers’ Alert by Dr. Smitha Ranganathan

Session #07:

Of Hero, Hub and Hygiene Content

It isn’t uncommon for content to be referred to as being the king or queen in almost every paper making a case for the need of content strategy. Irrespective of the blue-blooded strategist that content is, how does own create meaningful content? The 3 H framework introduced by Google, suggests creating 3 kinds of content content to improve virality and reach. The web giant called it, Hero, Hub and Hygiene content framework. While Hero content arguably commands highest level of involvement in terms of resources and visibility, it often coincides with a big event in the brand’s marketing calendar, for instance – product launch, corporate visibility campaign and the like. Van Damme’s Epic split commercial for Volvo is a classic narrative in this direction. The hub content specifically is crafted to reach a narrower, more specific audience. This content is more about depth and helps measuring content specific key performance indicators. For instance, Volvo also ran a web series featuring the ‘truck journalist ‘Brian Weatherley to bring better depth and relatability of content to it target audience. The routine, vanilla content or updates qualifies to be hygiene content, that is aimed at keeping the brand up on SEO as well as to keep the brand top of the mind.

While, platforms like Buffer help in scheduling and managing content push, 3 H framework is a robust ideation tool to plan a brands’ commitment to content strategy.

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