Inkspell Marketers’ Alert by Dr. Smitha Ranganathan
Inkspell Media 13 Feb, 2018

Inkspell Marketers’ Alert by Dr. Smitha Ranganathan

Session #04:

The Curious Case of Customer Curiosity

Since time immemorial actions fueled by curiosity have been central to human behaviour, with its manifestations merely changing across decades. Our variety seeking shopping behaviour drifting from trips to markets to rendezvous at specialty retailers to the self-imposed isolation on our private screens stands testimony to this aspect.

These moments fueled by heightened curiosity is what Google calls as ‘micro-moments’ in an attempt to demystify a typical customer journey. These micro-moments are currently being captured as ‘I want to know moments’ wherein customers research and review the probable consequence of their intended actions; while ‘I want to go moment’ aids in geography-centric action points, or for that matter ‘I want to do/buy moment’ aids in an informed advisory on the path to purchase.

Given that these micro-moments of influence can be tracked online, how can marketers derive mileage from this overt expression of innate motivation. Perhaps the key law governing thermodynamics that energy is neither created nor destroyed could inspire understanding consumer behaviour dynamics as well. Can we consider channeling curiosity in ways it can work for your brand?

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