Inkspell Marketers’ Alert by Dr. Smitha Ranganathan
Inkspell Media 2 Feb, 2018

Inkspell Marketers’ Alert by Dr. Smitha Ranganathan

Session #02:

Humanizing Marketing with Digital


Every business grad knowing the marketing mantra is quick to blurt out ‘adding value’ in the same breath as the word marketing itself.  We’ve done a great deal in theorizing the value equation to involve benefits derived to the ‘costs’ involved in the process of accessing the marketing offering, true worth of ‘value’ often ends up getting lost in the practice of marketing.  Perhaps we tend to over emphasize on the price sensitivity of the consumer group or more frequently compelled to look at consumers’ needs as homogenous clinically derived data fields. In a nutshell, are we looking at consumers more like clusters representing a pattern of traits rather than real human beings with real motivations and anxieties?


 Speculations of digital robotizing basic human interactions in the world continues to exist, however the key to access to real-undiluted side of self could also be unearthed using suitable digital touchpoints. For instance, one’s search pattern could reveal ‘stories ‘that will rarely ever reach the response sheet of the best market research questionnaire; or the social commenting patterns indicate one’s aspect of self-worth.  And this access to ’truth’ could provide the most strategic insights to businesses in their quest to drive value in the days to come.


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