INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week(Best Video Marketing Campaign)
Inkspell Media 15 Feb, 2018

INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week(Best Video Marketing Campaign)

Best Video Marketing Campaign

By WATConsult for Digibank by DBS

The Campaign

The communication goal was to reach out to millennials to spread awareness for DBS’ new mobile-only banking app ‘Digibank’. Since DBS is currently a lesser known bank in India, the brand wanted to take up a disruptive approach to make consumers take note, increase brand recall, thereby increasing app downloads & new Savings Bank Account openings.

The Idea

In order to make sure that the campaign reached far and wide in the digital sphere, they created content that is interesting and shareable at the same time. They created 20 videos that were scripted basis the top trending videos on YouTube. The idea behind this was to make sure our ads appear on only those videos that the target audience is bound to watch. The message for all these videos was to highlight the brand features while still maintaining the essence of the trending video.

Their campaign was based on an insight that a lot of people spend time watching videos on YouTube. They specifically wanted to reach out to millennials and potential customers. YouTube as a video consumption platform has a lot of traction and they wanted to leverage that for the campaign. Their solution to the brief was to reach out to the masses via a programmatic video campaign wherein they created 20 videos and script them basis the trending videos on YouTube. The idea was to make sure that every user that is watching a trending video on YouTube is greeted with a DBS ad that talks about the video that the person is watching and also the features of the brand.

Taking this forward, they created 20 different video ads based on trending topics from Sports, TV Series’, Bollywood, Technology, etc and contextually targeted them to their consumers where they visit the most i.e. on the relevant Trending YouTube Videos.

For example – A user searching for the Dangal movie trailer, saw a DBS ad which was a recreation of a famous Dangal scene.

Contextual targeting made sure they strengthened the brand recall and helped them achieve a higher View Completion Rate.

The Result

The response to the videos was amazing. The video series was a grand success and they were rewarded with ground-breaking numbers. With a 92% View Completion Rate, they inferred that the audience loved what they were watching considering they came on YouTube to watch their

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