INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week(Best Multi Channel Campaign by/for a Healthcare Company)
Inkspell Media 30 Mar, 2018

INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week(Best Multi Channel Campaign by/for a Healthcare Company)

Best Multi Channel Campaign by/for a Healthcare Company

By Portea Medical for Portea Heal at Home Campaign

The Campaign

Market research showed that 35% of the target group knew about Home Healthcare while only 5% were aware of Portea as a brand. Even out of the people who were aware of Portea, the respondents did not know about all services provided by Portea.

Hence, the business objective was to build awareness for the brand and in turn build the category with Portea being the leader in home healthcare. The secondary task was to highlight the range of services right from physiotherapy to medical equipment & position Portea as a home healthcare company that offers a wide portfolio of services.

The Idea

The 4 pillars on which they wanted to build brand Portea were:

Trust, Empathy, Personalized care & Convenience. For this campaign, they focused on the empathy and personalized care aspect of the brand to bring out the emotional connect their medical staff has with our consumers.

The idea: Your body heals best in the environment it is happiest in. Portea. We bring a range of professional healthcare services like Doctor Visits, trained Nurses-on-call, and attendants, Physiotherapy, and Diagnostics to the place you heal better. Your home.

What consumer insight is this communication based on?

Health care is a very important aspect of life and people depend for health care services only from known places or people. Hospitals and nursing homes have their shortcomings in terms of travel time, distances, costs & waiting for long hours before someone get to meet the doctors. But the major fallback is that they do not provide post hospitalization care and services to patients if needed.

Even family doctors have their limitations which is why health care facilities and treatment available at a person’s home is seen as a very convenient, smart and viable solution by the consumers. So Portea brings healthcare to the place where you can heal the best – your home.

The Result

  • Post March 2016, they reached the highest campaign awareness of 24% & Brand Awareness of 16% for Portea compared to 5% pre campaign.
  • The awareness remained at 16% – 20% rest of the year post campaign.
  • 100% increase seen in website traffic to in Feb 2016 post launch.
  • They saw a 63% increase in inbound calls to their sales call centre and 82% more leads submitted through
  • They had the highest no. of new patients and new revenue per month for Portea during Feb & March 2016.
  • New revenue for these 2 months was 35% higher than their monthly average.
  • Awareness helped close a few B2B partnerships (with Hospitals, Pharmacy and Insurance).

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