INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week(Best Innovation/Creativity in a Mobile Campaign)
Inkspell Media 8 Feb, 2018

INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week(Best Innovation/Creativity in a Mobile Campaign)

Best Innovation/Creativity in a Mobile Campaign

By Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd for Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd (Zee Cinema) 

The Campaign

Property:  Zee Cine Awards 2016

Campaign objective was high reach with high interaction. This was because the excitement/ interest will be generated only once the TG experiences the content.ZCA is all about quality star performances and awards, hence they had to excite the TG by showing interesting videos.

Apart from various web and social strategies, they came up with very interesting mobile innovation “Scratch to know more”.

The Idea

Ranveer Singh was one of the most important highlights of the ZCA awards. He has an extremely powerful on-screen image and connects with the youth and hence they thought of using his image to get people intrigued and explore the ad. They used ‘India’s only Genuine Awards’ as the core communication with Ranveer’s image to create interest in the minds of the users. The users would be taken on to a page which had further interactivity built in.

They created an HTML 5 creative which had an Initiator creative to begin with. The Initiator would appear in between the page, the user is currently browsing. The initiator creative had Ranveer’s image as a bait to catch the user’s attention with a powerful communication of “India’s only Genuine Awards Show”. On clicking the initiator creative, the user was led on to an HTML page that asked the user to scratch the screen to experience genuine magical moments. Once the user moved his fingers over the screen, the screen would clear from being a hazy screen to a clear image, with the Show timing communication and the Video for the users to view.

The creative also had a Click to the calendar which allowed users to set a reminder on one click.

The Result

The communication reached to approximately 1.3 m users. 20,555 people interacted with the creative (moved from Initiator to the scratch creative). CTR was 1.57% as compared to a benchmark of ~1.5 %.The average time spent on the creative was ~14 sec as against a benchmark of ~8 to 10 sec. 2067 people (~10% of the engaged audience) added the event to their calendar as against a benchmark of ~ 5%

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