INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week (Social Media Marketing)
Inkspell Media 8 Jul, 2017

INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week (Social Media Marketing)

Best Social Media Marketing Campaign 2016

Ariel – Dads Share the Load

The Campaign

In a category of 30+ brands and half a billion consumers, Ariel wanted to launch a new Matic Pack and hit sales growth. The big challenge that lay ahead for Ariel was to beat the Goliath brand Surf Excel by driving highest awareness and superiority. No matter how successful Indian women are professionally, at home, doing household chores is completely their responsibility. This age old thinking has been passed from generation to generation, by example since kids grow up watching their mothers do laundry, and fathers watching TV. The brand challenge was to make one of the most mundane household chores – laundry, a point of conversation and Ariel the conversation starter. The core task was to help ease the life of consumer – the woman of the household and convince her that Ariel understood her, appreciated her and cared about her as much as about the clothes she washed.

The Idea

According to a Nielsen survey, 78% of girls in India agree that they need to learn laundry, as they will have to do it when they grow up. Ariel took up the task to end the cycle of household inequality against women at home. Ariel wanted to involve dads in setting the right example for their children, especially for their little girls. We recognized that Dads are the ultimate hero for children and we wanted to remind dads that with great adoration comes great responsibility. Thus was born a powerful video communication that would tug the heartstrings of mothers and fathers #DadsSharetheload.

The Results

  • Sales went up by 76%
  • Consumer engagement increased 4.6 times
  • Sheryl Sandberg and Melinda Gates endorsed our campaign, giving an Indian-based phenomenon, a Global recognition
  • On Women’s day #ShareTheLoad trended at No.1
  • 1 million Men pledged to #ShareTheLoad
  • 2 billion earned Impressions
  • For every rupee spent on Facebook, we reached 3 unique young parents with the message of #DadSharetheLoad

The campaign didn’t just achieve business results but also became the voice of the world. Most importantly, Ariel has helped remind Dads around the world that by sharing the load, they are helping not just their wives but also their children wash away the stain of inequality.

Click here to view the campaign video.

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