INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week (Email Marketing Campaign)
Inkspell Media 31 Aug, 2017

INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week (Email Marketing Campaign)

Best Email Marketing Campaign 2016 – The Biggest Online Travel Sale by Octane

The Campaign, a leading travel company, wanted to encourage people to participate in their ‘Biggest Online Travel Sale’ which went live on December 9, 2015, across desktop sites, Mobile sites, Android apps and iOS apps. Via engaged in an offline-online campaign and used Octane Marketing’s services to reach out their email subscribers. The primary objective was to increase their customer reach, expand their new customer base and retain old customers by targeting customers based on their travel preferences. The secondary objective was to cash in on the seasonal upsurge in the bookings during the holiday season.

The Idea

3 Days of crazy deals on travels! Up to 85% off on Hotels, up to 50% off on Flights, up to 40000 off on Holiday packages only on Biggest Online Travel Sale ever! To keep their consumers engaged on email, the Octane Team & Via sent two devices responsive newsletters- “Two days to go” & “Only 24 hours- which also contained Via’s contest details. For their email campaign, they adopted a segmentation strategy: for airline users, they sent emails to airlines; to their holiday booking customers, they sent holiday offers etc. They also adopted a device-specific method. The epoch-making campaign was a milestone achievement. Octane Marketing’s effective targeting drove engagement & galvanised email subscribers to participate in Via’s BOTS campaign. For those three days of the BOTS campaign, Via received almost four times their average unique visitors. “#VIA BOTS” was trended on December 9 while “5000 cashback” trended on December 10.

The Results received a remarkable 500 million impressions and a reach of 100 million users in just a span of three days during the ongoing campaign. The transactions rose by 10 times for those three days and the number of sessions grew by 8x.

Click here to view the campaign video.

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