INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week (Digital Integrated Campaign)
Inkspell Media 15 Sep, 2017

INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week (Digital Integrated Campaign)

Best Digital Integrated Campaign 2016

HCL Technologies – Digital Marketing Analytics

The Campaign

HCL Technologies thought leadership platform Straight talk had built its online digital community which is similar to LinkedIn group for Senior director and above executives and was planning them to the new community with marketing campaigns on social media platform and efficiently track its analytics.Since campaign landing pages and campaign planning were done in parallel by one team therefore it was identified to carefully craft the digital analytics and capture insights on the campaign.

The Idea

The campaigns from HCL for thought leadership were planned launched in February 2016 in three broad phases on LinkedIn, utilizing Inmail, Spotlight ads and Sponsored Updates targeting senior-director-and-above executives from different geographies and company sizes to bring them to the landing page which had the right messaging to join the Straight Talk community and also had a feature allowing them to join using their LinkedIn sign in. The following digital analytics strategies were used for the execution of the campaign 1.Database variables at the backend of the landing page that pushed details of submission of the form and campaign sources from URL parameters 2.Google analytics enabled on the campaign landing page to track the following parameters a.Average Session time b. Bounce rate c. Number of users who visited Applying UTM to each phase of the campaign helped with A/B testing to understand which of the creatives performed better and the contribution from each phase of the campaign.

The Result 

The total community recruitment from the landing page were 1500+ members of senior-director-and-above executive and each of the properties utilized performed above the industry benchmark. The details tracked using digital analytics to contribute and optimize the campaigns are as below 1.Total of 2000+ number of requests were received as tracked by UTMs 2.As per Google analytics, there was spike in user activity with parameters tracked as below from February 2016 to August 2016 a.Bounce Rate : 56% b.Session duration: 1:36 c.Number of user page views: 5175 The further details of campaign results are as below 1.The CTR LinkedIn Spotlight Ads was 0.34% which is 209% more than the Industry Benchmark of 0.11%. 2.The InMail Campaign had achieved an open rate of 62%, which is 51% higher than the average industry performance of 41%. The campaign had CTR of 23.88% which was 234% more than the industry benchmark of 6.5%.

Click here to view the campaign video.

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