INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week (Best Performance-Driven Mobile Campaign)
Inkspell Media 5 Jul, 2018

INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week (Best Performance-Driven Mobile Campaign)

Best Performance-Driven Digital Campaign

UTI Mutual Funds for UTI MF Mobile App Campaign

The Campaign

Mutual fund investments are generally perceived to be cumbersome, time consuming and effort intensive. UTI MF had the vision to reduce this and make MF investments easier to do. With the advancement of technology and digital expansion through mobile, they took the approach of mobile app.
The UTI Mutual fund Mobile app was launched in June 2016 with the promise of taking the effort out of mutual fund investing #Possible. An app that makes the investment journey simpler.
The mobile app is power packed with all that is required for investing. Invest easily in the funds anytime anywhere with UTI Mutual Fund app. New Investors can make a new purchase without the hassles of any paperwork. Existing investors get a host of features that make investing and tracking of a portfolio a breeze.


The Idea

Some of the feature of the app:

1) One Click investment is a nifty tool which allows existing investors to favorite an investment option and purchase units with a click of a button

2) You can view NAV details of funds that have been added to your wishlist

3) Use the simple to use Calculators to plan an SIP purchase or set a Goal. You can also email yourself the results for posterity

4) View Fund details and quarterly performance which are published in the factsheet

5) Learn and invest section hosts all investor education-related content which can be saved or shared via social bookmarks


Media Strategy
There was a soft launch amongst employees and after initial positive response; they launched the app to the public. The app download/install campaign involved Google search, Facebook custom audience, Google remarketing, Universal app campaign platforms, email and SMS communications. The 2-month long campaign helped them achieve more than 50,000 downloads. Besides there several organic downloads and today the count is more than 90,000 and increasing.
Audience targeting – The audience included existing online customers, look-alike customers, M/F from top 15 cities interested in investments and mutual funds

As the focus was not only app downloads rather app engagement, Content was a huge peg that kept the users engaged on the app. The app is regularly updated with infographics, videos and articles that provide useful information for investors to stay up to date with latest events and provide sharable investor education content as well.



The Result

  • App downloads: 90,000 and still counting
    Transactions: Over 10,00 transactions
    Revenue: 110 cr AuM (Asset under management)


Reference video:

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