INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week (Best Marketing through a Website/Blog)
Inkspell Media 28 Dec, 2017

INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week (Best Marketing through a Website/Blog)

Best Marketing through a Website/Blog

By WATConsult for Parents of Fertility

The Campaign

30 Million couples in India are infertile, but only 5% approach clinics. Infertility issues are considered as Taboo. Surveys suggest couples wait for an average 14.4 months before they could seek any help. Few directly go to an Obs Gyn & may after multiple unsuccessful treatments are then referred to an IVF specialist. In the bargain, lots of patients get lost and don’t reach at right place in right time.


Devise an outreach awareness program using digital to make couples aware about fertility issues, the fact that it does not just affect women and direct them to IVF centers.


Target the 95% who are afraid to approach an IVF clinic. The main challenge and objective was to break the stigma and get people to talk about it.

The Idea

Keeping in mind the audience and the situation around infertility, they used a 4 pronged strategy – Awareness, Education, Consideration and Conversion. To get to the correct audience, they used filters like age, location, life stage (married) and online behavior to identify and create an audience pool. This audience was then directed to an interactive website ( via a web & mobile integrated campaign which humanized content and used engaging educative formats like videos, blogs and a Fertility Quiz. The 6 month campaign was rolled out in two phases. The first phase (‘It’s About Time’) was aimed at those stalling a clinic visit & encouraged them to take action. The second phase (‘Infertility Can be Dealt With’) was a supportive approach to evoke a sense of hope in infertile couples.

The audience was driven to the website using the digital tools like SEM, Social Promotions, Native Ads and Remarketing. The website encouraged unrestricted dialogue (via call centre + chat functionality) and also disseminate information about fertility.

An exit intent survey allowed them to understand the reasons for drop offs and they were able to optimise the website to reduce the bounce rate by 15%.

The Result

They hosted a total of 200 thousand people on their site with over 169 thousand page views. The average time spent was 2 and half minutes mainly on the blog pages indicating that the majority visited the portal to get more information on the subject. They received 7000+ leads in the form of appointment bookings with various trusted IVF clinics. Their KPI for footfalls was 15% of the total leads received and at the end of the campaign they achieved a conversion rate of 12% which is higher than the industry standard for the category.

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