INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week (Best Campaign Through Social Messenger)
Inkspell Media 2 Aug, 2019

INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week (Best Campaign Through Social Messenger)

Best Campaign Through Social Messenger 2018

WhatsApp Campaign by iProspect



The Campaign


Business news is high-on-demand, and while its main audience is always strapped for time, there’s no way to ensure well-curated news in a quick manner. Their objective was to find a solution to this and offer business news readers a platform where their need for crisp and curated content is met. It was challenging to find the right platform, but their extensive research helped them make the right choice. Social media and business news sites played a great role in grabbing eye-balls and informing the audience about the launch of the campaign. A mobile-based campaign, the BQ WhatsApp Business News Service truly became popular among the users because of ease-of-use, accessibility, high quality news-reporting and finally, its brevity. The campaign became a huge success and eventually their objective saw the light of the day.

When they pondered on how to reach their audience with the right content, research revealed a poignant fact: in India, WhatsApp had evolved from its original purpose of a messaging application and had transformed as a top channel for users to consume and share news.

With over 200 million active users in India exchanging messages and sharing content daily, they decided to use this application as a content distribution platform to directly reach their users.

The Idea

Thus, Bloomberg | Quint launched a WhatsApp news service for decision makers and executives on the go. It was the first of its kind service, especially in the business news space. Subscribers to this service would receive comprehensive daily coverage of global and domestic business news, market movements and views from the country’s most influential corporate leaders in moderate dose. On offer was also the much enjoyable BQ’s “All You Need To Know” morning podcast. The service would send and highlight those stories that would interest BQ’s audience so that they don’t have to search for news and could concentrate on their work instead. Keeping in mind India’s embrace of WhatsApp, they were confident this campaign would deepen BQ’s engagement and accessibility with users.

The Execution

To ensure maximum users take advantage of its service, they kept the subscription model simple. All one had to do was:

  1. Create a new contact for our number +49 157 92391671.
  2. Send “Start BQ” to this contact via WhatsApp.

Once the message was sent, the user was subscribed and received 5-8 updates a day.

A useful feature of this service was ‘simple search’. If a user wanted to read the latest news on India, all he or she had to do was type and send India; the service would instantly reply with the best and latest stories on India. And for users, who wished to search for stock prices, they had to type ‘stock ‘company name’’. An example being Stock Wipro. One can find the stock prices of over 6,000 companies.

They promoted the service on social media as well as on finance and business news websites (places their target audiences frequented) and they ran analysis to help Bloomberg | Quint better run the service.

The Result 

BQ WhatsApp service was a tremendous success. It has over 150,000+ organic subscribers; and in the first six months of its launch, it accounts for 26.5% of the overall visits on with an average of 14.1 sessions per user every month. BQ had also launched a referral program wherein subscribers could forward news link to friends, score points, and even keep a check of their referral score. The result was 60,000 new users with an average of 7.5 referrals per user, almost twice compared to the world’s best referral programs. 

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