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How to Excel the Art of Storytelling

“Good content is not about storytelling, it’s telling your story well.”Excelling the art of storytelling is not as difficult as you think .

We have been telling stories, writing plays since our childhood, the time when we could hardly understand what exactly we are doing. The power of story lies in the way it helps to connect with the people and help them relate to the story emotionally. It is not always about what you can write but it is about, what you love to write about. But, always make sure that you write about what you feel. Something that will help your story come alive. Story should be as engaging as possible, one should have an element of conflicts in the story. This will leave the readers  and viewers to know more and more about what’s going to happen next? Sound’s interesting!!! Here are a few tips that will help you excel the art of storytelling.

  1. To excel the art of storytelling one must keep its prime focus on the ending of the story, because that is the message brands want to deliver.
  2. A short story is always preferable with an element of conflict.Also it must contain a beginning, middle and end.
  3. It must be as creative as possible to inspire consumers and help them relate with the brands emotionally. For emotional association one must use metaphors, idioms and parables .
  4. It is advisable to use appropriate graphics to deliver the message in front of a friendly audience and get feedback.
  5. Stories must be authentic and must be written in the form of how people communicate with each other, this helps to persuade customers in a better way.



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