Best use of Digital for Social and Economic Development 2018
Inkspell Media 31 Aug, 2019

Best use of Digital for Social and Economic Development 2018

Best use of Digital for Social and Economic Development 2018

Harpic – Banega Swachh India



The Campaign


Reckitt Benckiser has a vision of a world where people live healthier and better lives.
In order to bring people closer to “”Healthy & Better Lives””, they decided to create a campaign that creates awareness in users through the use of technology

“”Personalised”” for each individual – “”On a mobile device”” using LOCATION based services

So, during the independence day period of 2017, they ran the campaign to align the idea of cleanliness with social cause and building a cleaner country

Campaign’s objective:-
1. Spread awareness amongst the users for “”CLEAN PUBLIC TOILETS”” in India – Delhi NCR region
2. Reinforce Harpic (by RB) as a trusted brand for hygiene, aligned with Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to cause social awareness


1. Sanitation is an ongoing challenge in the cities of India.
2. The inertia to adoption of good sanitation practises is very high.
3. The prime challenge was in both awareness and adoption of healthy sanitation practices – driving habits and attitude change in users.
4. How could such an experience be personalised for every user?
5. How could campaign be integrated in DAY TO DAY life for higher adoption?

Opportunity: –
1. Hygiene remains a critical challenge in major areas of India – TG size is large.
2. Creating high brand awareness with value driven engaging ad solution would drive higher adoption for Harpic.

Measurement: –
They measured the performance digitally basis the following
1. Brand awareness – no of people reached out to.
2. Ad engagement – How long would user keep using the ad experience.
3. How many people would share views of their experience on social media.

Solution & Innovation: –
Before building the solution, they considered the following:
a) Build an inclusive, immersive, high involving campaign that could be easily consumed and delivered.
c) Have a wide reach of user base.
d) Build a long lasting experience for user.
e) Be innovative and keeps user engaged.
f) Easily accessible on mobile devices.


 The Idea


This was one the unique campaigns to create awareness on health and hygiene.
Campaign was high on innovation as it used:
1. Rich media with cross device compatibility.
2. Integrated with google maps.
3. Allowed consumers to share experience on social media
4. Users could easily navigate to a close by “”public toilet””.
5. Campaign virality created awareness for “”Health and Hygiene”” which is critical to social cause”


The Execution

They used the following to deliver an engaging ad experience for users:

1. Rich media ads for smoother ad experience for consumers.
2. Cross device mobile compatibility to increase user base.
3. Precision Targeting: The users were targeted programmatically in the public areas or location using Affle’s MaaS platform.
The campaigns were optimized using run time optimization levers like placement, location, and ad copy optimizations.
4. Engaging Ad Experience Using Rich Media
Affle created rich media interstitial ads which were integrated with google maps.
Upon interaction, on the runtime, it would search the nearest toilet (public), and hence guide the user to the spot/ location.

1. The entire budget was allocated to implement over mobile devices

Technology of targeting & Ad experience ensured
1. Right users are targeted.
2. User participation in campaign is very easy.
3. Multilingual communication ensured – higher participation.
4. Social sharing technology ensured virality.


The Result 

The campaign was highly successful in meeting the client’s objectives.

Through mobile devices, campaign was helpful in creating social awareness for health and hygiene in the TG.

Use of mobile to find toilets, and sharing on social media created virality of the campaign contributing to more and more social awareness

-> Over 1 million users reached out in Delhi/NCR.
-> 58% users rated or reviewed public toilets near them..
-> Drove 14000+ people to use the toilet near them.


To view the campaign video:




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