Create Your Own Digital Audio Ad
Inkspell Media 7 Jun, 2022

Create Your Own Digital Audio Ad


People constantly consume information with their ears, whether streaming music, breaking news, live talk programs, or audiobooks. However, now is the moment to embrace this strategy. People perceive this ad to be shorter in duration because consumers view digital audio commercials as more pertinent, attention-grabbing, and engrossing. Because your audience is responding to digital audio, you should as well. There is a potential to enhance the relationship with the listener and increase brand recognition and consideration by providing advertising at precisely the right moment. Listeners look out for a tailored ad experience to keep your business thriving. 


Following are some techniques for creating an effective digital audio campaign:


Use sound to tell a tale;

●      Use audio to bring your ad’s message to life. 

●      Background music and sound effects may quickly create an atmosphere and provide context for your main message. 

●      Allow audio to perform some hard lifting instead of depending solely on text to capture your listeners’ attention.


Numerous Versions;

Create and test a range of audio advertisements according to particular consumer preferences.



Keep it brief but conversational; 

●      The most effective audio advertisements make listeners feel like they are learning about a product from a friend. 

●      One should utilize conversational language and a relevant ton, and aim for as few words as possible while maintaining a methodical tempo with well-timed pauses. 

●      Resist the urge to cram numerous messages into a single ad.

●      To allow for the maximum breakthrough, use the opening 5-10 seconds of the ad to set the setting for your message and establish the brand.


Understand your audience and match the background;

Studies demonstrate that a tailored message is more engaging in any medium. Consider how people consume material on various platforms, depending on their mood and context. 



Cross-Channel Marketing;

Streaming audio is a viable platform for marketers trying to reach critical audiences at scale. 

The complementary function to digital video consumption provides the ideal chance to give additional reach to critical consumers when both channels are used in tandem.




Use brand cues to help you identify yourself;

●      Ascertain that the audience understands who is speaking. 

●      It may be as essential as a good logo at the start, a jingle, a distinctive character you create, or a readily identifiable voiceover artist. 

●      Developing an audio brand identity in this manner makes you easily identifiable to audiences. 


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