adminink 25 Aug, 2017

INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week (Mobile Marketing Campaign)

Best Mobile Marketing Campaign 2016 Sumit Sambhal Lega Mobile Interactive Masthead The Campaign STAR Plus is known for family dramas with women at the core who hold the family together. Sumit Sambhal Lega turns this on the head and re-imagines the role of a man in keeping the family together. Goal was to drive affinity towards […]

adminink 24 Aug, 2017

Industry Best Practices – #04 SEO Tips (Part 1)

SEO Tips (Part 1) Having a business blog is useless if you don’t regularly create and promote original and shareable content to help prove relevance and therefore rank in search engines. Enable share buttons on your blog so that readers can easily post your content to their social media pages and drive visitors back to […]

adminink 9 Aug, 2017

Industry Best Practices – #24 Website Tips (Part 2)

Website Tips (Part 2) A business blog is a winning addition to your website. It can help boost your site’s SEO, set you apart from the competition, and demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. It’s a win-win situation. In order to get found by local consumers, you need to optimize your site with local information like your […]

adminink 2 Aug, 2017

INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week (Search Media Marketing)

Best Search Media Marketing Campaign 2016 Royal Sundaram SEO by iProspect The Campaign Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Ltd. is among one of the first licensed general insurance companies in India. Although our organic ranking was enough to get them leads, they had to figure out a way to rank on the 1st page of […]

adminink 31 Jul, 2017

Industry Best Practices – #23 Website Tips (Part 1)

Website Tips (Part 1) If you haven’t updated your website in the last 3 years, do it now. A clean, modern design is key in digital marketing, plus it ensures that you meet today’s best practices and Web standards. Make your website mobile-friendly! Studies indicate that nearly 80% of local mobile searches end in a […]

adminink 17 Jul, 2017

Industry Best Practices – #51 Search Advertising Tips (Part 3)

Search Advertising Tips (Part 3) Do capitalize the first letter of major words in your ad. Don’t (read “NEVER”) go crazy with all caps. Should you use correct punctuation in text ads? Yes! It just makes good sense. Using trademarks in text ad copy is a no-no unless, of course, you own them. You can, […]

adminink 11 Jul, 2017

Industry Best Practices – #50 Search Advertising Tips (Part 2)

Search Advertising Tips (Part 2) Write strong calls to action for your search ads that directly state what you want consumers to do. For example “Contact for a Free Estimate” or “Get a 50% Coupon.” When using a click-to-call extension, consider using a tracking number so that you can identify and measure which ads perform […]

adminink 8 Jul, 2017

INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week (Social Media Marketing)

Best Social Media Marketing Campaign 2016 Ariel – Dads Share the Load The Campaign In a category of 30+ brands and half a billion consumers, Ariel wanted to launch a new Matic Pack and hit sales growth. The big challenge that lay ahead for Ariel was to beat the Goliath brand Surf Excel by driving […]

adminink 28 Jun, 2017

Nissan appoints GM for digital marketing

Nissan has appointed Hussein M Dajani as general manager, Digital Marketing, for Africa, the Middle East and India. He will lead Nissan’s digital and social media strategy in the region, which is becoming ever more significant for Nissan’s global business. Working with teams in local markets, his role will be to ensure that the company […]

adminink 28 Jun, 2017

SMS still generates the maximum ROI for advertisers in digital marketing today

Do you wonder why you are being bombarded by text messages (SMS) by restaurants, shops, retailers, et al, every day? One word. ROI. Key highlights: ~ SMS gains more traction from customers than other digital marketing mediums ~ Lack of personal messaging and more of business messaging a reason for higher conversion ~ More chance of targeting and finding […]

adminink 28 Jun, 2017

INKSPELL – Case Study of the Week (Viral Marketing)

Best Viral Marketing Campaign 2016 Trumping Donald – A TE-A-ME intervention The Campaign The intention and endeavor behind this intervention was to spread the word about the power of tea. #TeaForTrump digital & content marketing activation focused on asking users to send their requests to Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) directly so that he drinks the green […]

adminink 28 Jun, 2017

Industry Best Practices – #49 Search Advertising Tips (Part 1)

  Search Advertising Tips (Part 1) Identify and follow the rules of Bing, Yahoo!, and Google search ads before running your campaign as all have slightly different formats. Optimize the URL displayed in your search ad so that it’s relevant to the product or service you are promoting. Include target keywords in your headlines and […]