Best Video Content in a 360 Degree Campaign 2019
Inkspell Media 26 Oct, 2019

Best Video Content in a 360 Degree Campaign 2019

Best Video Content in a 360 Degree Campaign 2019

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The Campaign


In 2017, Datsun’s brand awareness increased exponentially from 39.2% to 48.5%. However, familiarity and over-all-opinion was low leading to weak purchase consideration. So, the task in 2018 was to increase familiarity to 11% and over all opinion to 8%. Datsun needed to communicate its presence in the Indian market and boost the confidence of its audience with new car launches every year.  



The Idea


When you’ve been making cars in India for over 35 years, you assume you know everything about your consumer. But India is changing fast. And it takes a new entrant like Datsun to observe and respond to the changing needs of a new generation of car buyers.

This results in the application of Japanese Engineering to build cars that are not only superior in every way-but are also designed to give a new generation that seeks to drive their own life, make their own choices and take big leaps forward, what they really need.

The Execution

With Aamir Khan being the brand ambassador of Datsun, his stature and persona helped amplify and position the brand in the best possible lights in the mind of the target audience. The idea of having Aamir Khan play/be himself rather than driving cars or to portray another character is a creative leap that the brand has taken.

The Result

With the right balance of narrative, Aamir Khan and the product, the results have been overwhelming for Datsun. They achieved:

o 31% jump in enquiries

o #ExperienceChange & #DatsunGO topped twitter trend

o Google and Auto portal searches went up by 2 times and 3 times respectively

o Total digital impressions: 307 Mn

o Total digital video views: 10 Mn+ on Datsun handles

o Video views through AK handles: 3 Mn


To watch the campaign video:






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