Best Digital Experience Marketing Campaign
Inkspell Media 1 Dec, 2019

Best Digital Experience Marketing Campaign

Best Digital Experience Marketing Campaign

Panasonic India #SoMuchToDo



About the Campaign


Campaign Name: #SoMuchToDo

Problem Statement:

Creating awareness about a newly launched device – the Eluga A3 Pro in an already over saturated market with multiple options for the consumer.So what do we do? The need of the hour was to create a digital campaign that would leave a lasting impression in the consumer’s mind that had a mass appeal.

Identified Objectives: To create a journey, showcasing each state and various features for 1 month.

The objective of this campaign was to showcase the productwith a unique, one-of-its-kind initiative:
? To create mass impact and generate a massive awareness and curiosity around the campaign and the device.
? Generate a lot of positive engagement, curiosity and sentiment for the product and the brand.

As far as the digital experience is concerned, the influencer collaboration were carried out in each state of India, accounting for about 68 live videos. This provided an opportunity for the users to experience real time content.

The idea was to create a buzz around the already flourished industry and to bring out the best of the device using the digital medium.The competition was high, challenges were immense and the only way to stand out was to create a campaign that can tune and tap into the right rhythm with the target audience.




About the Idea


With the strategy to create a visual language in synergy with the Brand Team to amplify the phone in a certain way to the market and roping in Brand Ambassadors like Varun Dhawan and Tapsee Pannu to make sure the campaign had a mass appeal to it, the strategy was to follow an aesthetic and make sure the phone had a mass appeal not just pertaining to the features and price but the promotion as well. To add to that, considering we wanted to showcase the spirit of the phone, we decided to undertake a journey, never attempted before, a singular device, travelling the length and breadth of the country in 29 days, showing the cultural diversity of India in a unique and creative manner. This embraced the theme of the campaign in the most befitting manner and also resonated with the high patriotic sentiment running across the nation during the Independence Day time, in August of 2017.

The campaign was to highlight different states of India in a record breaking journey, spanning 29 cities in just 29 days. One device, Panasonic Eluga A3 Pro travelled across the entire nation in 29 days; it was engraved with the campaign name (#SoMuchToDo) on the back showcasing the beautiful metal body.

For each of the 29 cities we identified:

? Social Media influencers in each city
? Places of historical/cultural significance for each of the cities
? Travel itinerary to successfully complete all 29 cities in 29 days on the trot



The Execution


In every individual city, we did multiple Facebook Live videos, from the brand handle and the influencer’s handle. Prior to the phone visiting a city, a build up post was released from the influencer’s handle and at the end of the day a hand over post to the next influencer of the next city. This made a digital trail with the baton (being the Eluga A3 Pro device) passed on from one influencer to the next during the entire campaign.

Facebook Live videos were done from the popular places of each city where we interacted live with the audience, talking about the journey, the contest and asked people to participate and let us know what new and undiscovered places can be visited in the particular city and then visited the places mentioned by the engaged users.

Amplification methods:

? Influencer amplifications
? Daily engagement driven content
? Facebook promotions
? Instagram promotions
? Wittyfeed as our media partner constantly promoted the campaign across all their platforms


The Result


Overall Impressions of 1.17 Billion

? Total of 68 Live Videos

? Total Reach of 120 Million

? Engaged with 81,467 users

? Total of 1,51,003 likes, 27,463 comments and 13,170 shares

? Covered a distance of 25,135 Km

? Trended on Twitter for 132 Hours and 40 Minutes

Panasonic India was awarded the Most Unique Marketing Campaign by India Book of Records

Awards Won:

Exhibit Tech Awards 2016- Best Marketing Campaign

India Book of Records 2017- Most Unique Marketing Campaign

Asian Content Marketing Summit 2018 – Best Use of Real Time Content

Light house Insights Digital Marketing Awards 2018- Best use of real time streaming

Light house Insights Digital Marketing Awards 2018- Best in publishing



To view the campaign video :


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