Best Digital Advertising Affiliate Network Campaign 2019
Inkspell Media 12 Oct, 2019

Best Digital Advertising Affiliate Network Campaign 2019

Best Digital Advertising Affiliate Network Campaign 2019

Best Digital Advertising Affiliate Network – SVG Media



The Campaign


SVG Media, a Dentsu Aegis Network company is the Largest Indian Digital Media Company with over 150+ Million Unique Visitors. SVG Media started its India operations in 2006 and is the launch pad for successful digital advertising technology media businesses. SVG Media houses leading Performance, Mobile, Social, Data Targeting Rich Media and Agency businesses such as DGM, Seventynine, Komli and Columbus India. SVG Media represents more than 70% of India’s Internet base. It serves as a single platform for all the digital media needs. Currently, SVG Media has presence in India, South East Asia and the Middle East. The group works with almost every online commerce, mobile first and consumer brand in the region; driving reach and performance to them through its products such as Product Listing Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Dynamic Re-Targeting, Video and Native Ads and Social.

In 2017, SVG media was acquired by Dentsu Aegis Network making it one of the largest ad tech deals in the APAC region.

The Idea


  • One of India’s largest Digital Media companies   
      • Revenues run rating 3-4 Mn USD per month
      • 90% of India’s Internet Base
      • 500Mn+ Global Reach
      • 150+ Unique User
      • Close to 300 Employees
      • 25% of Top Google Play Apps
      • Exclusive Representation tie ups: Outbrain & Airtel DTH 
      • Leaders in monetization on commerce-oriented actions
      • Listed as one of the Top 25 Mobile Advertising Partners in the World by
      • Award winning Agency brand – Columbus
      • Their own proprietary technologies powering their business

They have been present in the market from past 12 years. Through this course of time, they have built their very strong Database. Their Database has approx. 100Million+ GAID, which is more than 50% of total Mobile Internet Audience. This in-house DMP helps to target users and understand the behaviour of the user and target branding and performance campaigns accordingly.

Innovation: They have in-house creative team who exclusively works in delivering interactive ad units. They as a network provide this service as FOC for better optimization and deliveries of the campaign.

Sample links as below:

SVG media has always been ahead in the innovation game because of the strong belief in technology. Currently there is 30 members engineering team, building new products, chatbots, tracking and reporting tools, dashboards.

Also, because of performance marketing being their DNA, they also run an in house 135-seater call centre, delivering new user acquisition or end conversion. SVG is probably the only digital company to do this in India. One of the key solutions deployed at SVG is the unique Tele-Assist model for providing end-to-end performance solutions to Advertisers. This solution is one of its kind in the world where a Digital Agency has brought media and call centre together under one window, and it strives to fix the broken model of dual ownership by removing frictions of the customer journey leading from interest to purchase.

This Tele Assist solution has been very successfully deployed for Max Life, Max Bupa, Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance and DLF with many more clients in the pipeline.

The Execution

They help to provide 360-degree digital solution to the client.

Key highlights of some campaigns:

  1. Adidas- Appographic parley campaign:

Adidas is working with Parley to avoid plastic enteric into ocean and converting it into top class sportswear. The objective of the campaign was to reach out to people with Runtastic App as each Kilometers ran ads Points for the final cause.

Through their SDK integration, they sent the query and bucket the user only with Runtastic app. Post this bucketing they targeted them with the communication.

Campaign performance: Impressions: 3 Million, CTR: 1.2% (much higher than market standard of 0.8%)

  1. Adidas Snapchat– FIFA campaign: the concept was to pass the FIFA ball (Telstar) and get maximum passes during FIFA.

Snapchat has approx. 9.4Mn Unique in India, they did one day activity for passing the ball wherein they built the concept of a game wherein ball was entering the screen from one end and passed to the right. Every user was given approx. 10 chances to pass the ball with the header

Campaign Performance: Impressions: 2.7 Million impressions with Approx. 0.95 Million Reach, average play time: 21sec and 78K shares on the social media (Facebook/Instagram or snapchat story).

  1. CPI campaign with KPI– They are very strong with BFSI(DBS, India bulls, Kotak, HDFC,ICICI) and OTA(online travel agent- Makemytrip, IBIBO, Cleartrip, Oyo rooms, Treebo) as a category with almost all players active on the system.

3.1) Kotak Mahindra: They have been continuously working with Mahindra for past 3 years with hard KPI of OTP generated and 15% ACCOUNT OPEN. On monthly basis they deliver approx. 10k+ OTP

3.2) Cleartrip: They have been working on the account for past 1.5 years with hard KPI of CR: 3 %, they have been achieving this KPI with 3.5% CR

  1. MaxLife Agent Recruitment – Agent Advisors are an important sales driving touchpoint for Insurance providers. Appointing Insurance Agent Advisors has traditionally been dependent on the Area Development Manager’s (ADM) natural markets (contacts within own network)
  • Create a digital journey for appointing Agent Advisors for Max Life Insurance
  • Migrate the process from being only offline, to being highly digitally evolved
  • Introduce smart targeting for better prospecting
  • Send eligibility checked Agent Advisor prospects to Area Development Managers

Overall Strategy

  1. Assets – Use of various Columbus assets for end to end campaign delivery
  • Media – For reaching out to target audience
    • SMS
    • Social
  • Creatives – For strong communication
  • Landing Page – For better prospecting and engagement
  • Call Center – For eligibility check and appointment booking
  • Technology – For data management, security, chase process and reporting
    • Lead Management System
    • Automation
  1. Process – Bringing all pieces together for a seamless process flow
  • Prospecting
  • Eligibility Check
  • Appointment Booking
  • Handover to ADM


  1. Chase – Hand holding up to last step
  • Confirmation
  • Content & Engagement
  • Instructions
  • Walk-In Tracking

Campaign Execution

  1. Media & Creatives
  • Created category targeted creatives for Social & SMS which led to good prospecting


  1. Landing Page
  • OTP Implemented Landing Page was launched to enable easy sign up while giving out important information to prospects


  1. Call Center


      •  In-house Call Center with state of the art technology – Prospects were screened on an eligibility criteria list and then scheduled for an office visit with automated confirmation sent out


  1. Technology


      • Lead Management System with Security & Encryption – Leads were stored in a secure, encrypted location for processing by call center.
      • Automation of Communication & Reporting – Implemented automation to ensure accurate reporting and tracking, and information being sent out to prospects & advertiser in a timely manner.


Key Results

Digitally Recruited Agents Performed Better – average 33% business login compared to offline recruited agents

Month on month improvement in overall Cost of Acquisition, with 64% reduction over 5 months


  1. Canara HSBC Media + Call Centre


Challenges and objectives

  • Call center and paid media were treated as two different divisions. This caused a lot of inefficiencies thereby creating friction between the two divisions
  • Only two digital channels were used to deliver leads without any optimization process
  • For incremental growth – a real-time connect between the call center and media channels was required
  • Amalgamation of call center and media to drive efficiency.
  • Maximize conversions and reduce cost of acquisition across platform
  • Automate the user journey using technology smarts


Agency Strategy

  • Integrated approach of media + call center: Call center and media brought under one roof to remove inefficiencies and improve performance
  • Dynamic creative optimization: Real time creative optimization done at a publisher level to enhance the conversion rates and improve lead quality
  • Separate landing page: A/B testing done using multiple landing pages in order to optimize lead quality
  • Real time monitoring of sales funnel
  • Remarketing strategy deployed for the positive lead disposition


Campaign Execution

  • Landing page optimization: A/B testing done on different landing pages to monitor performance
  • Creative Implementation: Unique creative strategy used for each media channel. Separate Landing Pages were made for Different Campaigns
  • Bringing Tele-Assist together: Columbus integrated media and call center together to remove inefficiencies and create a single funnel for new user acquisition
  • Dashboards & Reporting: Customized dashboard was used with real time integration. The dashboard gives information about which publisher, creative, subject lines, etc. are working
  • Supply Categorization: Classification of publishers & creatives on Green, Amber & Red to define next steps. Green being retained for future, yellow being observed for quality and red being stopped immediately. Subject wise tracking of creatives to understand which subject line is working better
  • Tech Smarts – AI Chatbot was used to generate inquiries from alternate channels which resulted in a higher conversion rate compared to using a landing page


Campaign Innovation

  • Mystery shopping and surprise checks of contact center were implemented to improve customer engagement
  • HTML/Text creatives were revised on fortnightly basis
  • Landing Page was optimized by making it completely quarantined with no external links
  • The entire flow was automated with feedback coming within a day from the call centre and mapped for optimization.
  • 1st time solution for the client, as feedback in previous campaigns was not happening within a day. The automation to map it to publishers, creatives and other parameters for optimization on real time basis made it even more unique



  • Conversions from lead to policies sold grew 3x during the span of the campaign
  • Canara HSBC’s return on Ad Spends increased by 400%
  • Contribution to sales bucket increased from 0 to 50%
  • Overall COA improved by 60%
  • Awarded the fastest growing digital Channel by Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance for 2018


  1. Implementing Chatbot for Max Life

Campaign in Brief – Marketing Challenges and Objectives

Performance channels tend to have a capacity constraint

Constant demand to get more user enquiries for feeding Sales channels

Making prospecting more engaging and informative


Overall Strategy

Artificial Intelligence + Seamless Mobile Journey = Better Prospecting

Columbus India combine the power of Artificial Intelligence and growing traction of Mobile to create a seamless journey for better prospecting by creating an AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot helped in:

  • Seamless Mobile experience
  • Fully stitched journey from prospecting to quote generation
  • Faster response to media bursts
  • Bringing a warmed, informed customer to the funnel
  • Longer brand interaction, better recall


Campaign Execution

  • Created communication with Chatbot initiation and lead filling as the call to action
  • Engaged the prospect all the way up to showing a premium quote at the prospecting level
  • The process was engaging, interactive and informative

Key Results

  • Click to Lead ratio was 1.7x better as compared to other channels
  • Conversion on Chatbot leads was 2x higher as compared to other channels


  1. Driving awareness and engagement for PBL

Describe the campaign in brief – Marketing challenges and objectives

The Premier Badminton League (PBL) is one of the top badminton leagues in the world. Despite being it in its 3rd season PBL was facing low awareness and footfall.


Challenges and Objectives:


  • Very low awareness about PBL in India
  • India – Sri Lanka – South Africa cricket tri-series at the same time – likely to take attention away
  • Increase the Facebook follower base multifold from existing 350K
  • Drive editorial coverage across various sports publications


To get Indian users to engage with PBL and create impact we deployed RISE framework.

  1. Relevant – To identify the target audience and make the media plan that addresses the TG with maximum precision
  2. Innovative – Identifying innovative solutions to target right set of people and drive engagement for the league
  3. Sharp – To address out TG at the right time, right place with the right message
  4. Engaging – To plan the communication in a manner that would best engage the audience with the league

Campaign Execution

·        Dovetailed media strategy in line with a survey that identified their TG as: 20-45 years old, 60% males and predominantly on mobil

      Various news publications and sports journals like TOI, Sportskeeda, Cricbuzz etc., helped cover the league and reach the identified TG

  •    Google search campaign used to reach sports enthusiasts through interest and affinity-based targeting
  • Ran Audience & data targeted campaigns before match days on social media platforms to increase ticket sales
  • Daily Contests & polls on Facebook & Twitter for entire 3 weeks of the league


Campaign Creativity & Innovation

  • Influencer marketing used to create buzz on social media. This helped increase Facebook followers very significantly
  • Geo-targeted SMS campaign (with online ticket sales link) executed during match days. Achieved 53% more footfalls over last year
  • Matches between Sindhu, Saina & Marin were shown as Clash of Titans and were promoted aggressively. These had the best CTRs and engagement
  • Used youth centric platforms like Snapchat & Truly Madly to engage with the younger audience
  • Player driven content used to drive conversations
  • Best play of the day and Results were promoted on search, social and native platforms – These saw very good engagement rates

State the results of the campaign

  • 197 MN eyeballs reached across platforms
  • 81 MN unique users reached
  • 2.3 MN video views generated for the sport within 4 weeks
  • 671+K additional social media followers generated within 4 weeks, more than 3 folds increase over current levels
  • 53% increase in footfalls and 20% increase in TV viewership
  • 3.4K articles released by various publications. An estimated 100Mn people were reached through editorials with coverage of close to 1MN column centimetres

The Result

Awards Received:

SVG Media:

  • SVG ranks 3rd in the best advertising partner globally by Tune
  • SVG ranks 9th in the India Subcontinent/Non-Gaming/Android Volume Ranking by AppsFlyer
  • SVG ranks 14th in the India Subcontinent/Non-Gaming/Android Power Ranking by AppsFlyer


  • Featured in the ultimate list of Indian advertising networks 2016 by Thalamus


  • Featured in the ultimate list of Indian advertising networks 2016 by Thalamus.
  • Ranked 14th globally and 2nd in India 2015 by TUNE


  • 2009 & 2010 Red Herrings Global 100
  • 2010 Dell ‘Small Business Excellence Awards’
  • 2009 Business Week ‘Top 50 Start Ups’

Columbus India

  • Best Messaging Campaign (Gold) IAMAI Awards – Measles & Rubella awareness campaign
  • Best Email Marketing Campaign (Gold) IAMAI Awards – Max Life Insurance
  • Best Digital Integrated Campaign (Silver) IAMAI Awards – Measles & Rubella awareness campaign
  • Best PR/ORM (Silver) Digixx Awards – Measles & Rubella vaccines social awareness campaign
  • Best Direct and Digital Marketing (Silver) Digixx Awards – Max Bupa Health Insurance
  • Best Programmatic and Performance Marketing (Silver) Digixx Awards – Apollo Munich Health Insurance
  • Best Email Marketing (Silver) Digixx Awards – Max Life Insurance
  • Best Integrated Email Marketing (Bronze) Lighthouse Insights Awards – Max Life Insurance
  • Best Sales/Lead Generation (Bronze) Lighthouse Awards – Max Bupa Health Insurance
  • Helping to create a Society that works for Everyone (Bronze) Dentsu Innovation Awards- Measles and Rubella Vaccines Campaign

Fastest Growing Digital Channel Partner 2018 -19 (Canara HSBC OBC)


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